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And before we noticed it, a new Holiday season arrived. Let's put the "how did that happen" on the side and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year :)

And if you are like me - someone who loves to give gifts - you will really enjoy this list I put together for people who love to travel. These are items that personally own and recommend all the time to friends and clients.

There are cheap and more expensive items, so you can bring a smile to someone on your own budget.

1. Portable charger - the one that allows me to share more content while traveling

Why I like this one: it's smaller than the iPhone, which makes it super handy to bring on the trip (and in your purse when you are out and about). It charges the phone relatively fast, so you can quickly go back to taking all those 30 photos of one fountain while traveling. There is one USB-C port and two USB ports.

2. Bluetooth Tracker - the one that was bought to find luggage but I actually use for car keys

Why I like this one: I am constantly misplacing my car keys and I have recently started adding an Airtag to my checked bag. Will you make you reunite with your lost luggage faster? Probably not BUT you can let the airline know exactly where it is, probably saving you time at the counter and being more stressed out. I

also have one in my backpack. I think it's a wonderful device for anything you would want to track (and I would have totally used this with my kids if it existed when they were young. My son got lost inside that huge Disney store at Disney Springs once and I was SO worried. Nowadays I would just add one of these to their shoes!).

3. Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands - the one that makes me think I can eat another croissant

Why I like this one: this is always in my luggage when I travel. I try to stay in hotels that have gyms (we are a gym family, it's a habit, so we go even on vacation). I like the resistance bands because I never know what to expect at the hotel gym... we have used some pretty bad ones. Also, I love to stay in B&B or small boutique hotels and those usually don't have an exercise room. The bands allow me to do some sort of workout even in the hotel room!

4. Compression Packing Cubes - the one that allows me to bring a few extra souvenirs

Why I like this one: we have all heard about packing cubes, but what's special about these? They are compression cubes!! This means that they get the clothes you put inside to compress and use a lot less space in your luggage. I know they are not cheap but these have an excellent quality! I even made a video about them on my IG account.

5. Pill Organizer - the one that brings more joy and it should

Why I like this one: Don't make fun of me for suggesting a pill organizer. But you can make fun of me for the huge joy this little thing brings me haha! I organized a little travel pharmacy: I added the most common medications we might need on the bottom part, labeled each box, and on the top part I added bandaids, a thermometer, and an elastic band for minor injuries. I love how I have everything in one place and I just throw it into the bag when traveling. It's SO convenient! Then, when someone says "Does anyone have a sore throat lozenge" I proudly say "As a matter of fact, I do". And then I save the day.

6. Backpack - the one I love the most!

Why I like this one: this is not a backpack. This is the best backpack I've ever had, and I had many!! This one is waterproof, resistant, light, has color options, and fits a lot inside but the absolutely best is how it opens on the top, which allows for easy access to all the items without having to take everything out. The way that this backpack opens makes it easy to reach out to a thing that is on the very bottom and you can actually see all the items inside. I don't know why I used a regular backpack for some long but once I got this I was like "This is how you make a backpack!". Plus: it has plenty of pockets!

7. Travel Bottles - the one that looks sooo cute and has a great no-spill cap.

Why I like this one: Sorry not sorry - I bought this one because it looks so cute and I love colorful things. But I was surprised to learn it has a great no-spill cap that helps prevent messy situations and is also great to use it at the hotel as you get just the amount of shampoo you need. I use one for shampoo, one for conditioner, one for soap, and one for moisturizer.

8. Wine Protector - the one that works!!

Why I like this one: to be honest, I never really tried another one. I learned about these bags recently when my dad came to visit and wanted to take 5 bottles of bourbon with him (mostly to give as a gift because he said the price was awesome). So I got this one for him. He didn't pack as well as I would have but all the bottles arrived there in perfect condition, no spills, and the bags still had a lot of air around them. They work.

9. Foot Hammock - the one that makes the longer flights a touch better

Why I like this one: I know people want to laugh when I take this one out of my backpack on an international flight. But I swear by it! I've been using this one for more than 5 years. It's super light to carry and it helps so much to have the legs higher than the floor on those long international flights. I also get to the destination less swollen. It is cheap and efficient, and I know it looks funny but they are great.

10. Memory foam Pillow and Travel Kit - the one that is similar to my own

Why I like this one: In all honesty, mine is actually from Cariloha. I bought it years ago and I haven't seen them anymore in their stores. This one is very similar. The format helps a lot, it's easy to pack and the memory foam provides a great mix of support and comfort.

11. Cross-body Bags - the one that is my travel pal, with pockets

Why I like this one: I have 3 different Baggallini bags and this one is the one I use the most. It is a great size (one of the other ones I have is too small and the other is too large). It fits quite a bit, it sits right next to my body (for security), the straps are comfortable on the shoulders, and I can even fit a few souvenirs when I'm on the go. It can be used day or night, and it's easy to clean!

12. Expendable Luggage - the one that survives a pretty hostile place

It LASTS. That's all I have to say lol. But really, it's durable, it is not heavy so you can spend that precious baggage allowance with more of your own things, and it expands. Boom! This one was pretty easy to explain.

13. Reef-Friendly sunscreen opt 1 - the ones that are a bit more natural, and still work.

Why I like this one: Fun fact about me: I'm a bit neurotic with things I put in my skin (or touch my body). Not to the point where I can't use anything but to the point where I spend time researching products that are as natural as possible that still work. Also, we like snorkeling - so when we travel to a tropical destination, we most likely will be going near a coral and I ALWAYS use a Reef-Friendly sunblock (when you learn more about the effect some chemicals have on the reefs you just have to). This one works great, it protects very well, it lasts a good time in the water, and it is more natural.

This is another option, widely available, that I like a lot!! Easy to apply, protects very well, lasts a good time in the water, and is Reef Friendly (not perfect though so I tend to use this one in pools) instead of the ocean.

14. Mosquito Repellent Wristbands - the one that allows me to stay outside for 5 minutes

Why I like this one: If you don't want to get a mosquito bite, definitely travel with me. I'm a great repellent... to other people! The mosquitos all come to me and leave you alone :)

With that being said, I'm the one who needs all the help one can get. These bands are not perfect, but they help. Because I'm conscious about what I put on my skin, I try to avoid Off and similars when possible and use these ones instead. When I can!!! Sometimes I just surrender to the power of chemicals - and get thankful for them lol.

15. Turkish beach towels - the one I use as a bunch of different things.

Why I like this one: Since I first encountered Turkish beach towels, I found quite a few different uses for them. I always carry one on my trips! They are light and versatile. I use it as a beach towel, as a picnic towel, as a blanket when I have short sleeves and it starts to get chilly, as a cover to hide from mosquitos, as a car seat protector, you name it. They are cheap, wash well, and pack great.

Be in Europe in July (or in Florida?!) and you will know how much you need one of these. I found these ones to be cute, easy to pack, and do the job of bringing the heat a bit down. They are battery-operated, rechargeable, have a flashlight, and have cute colors (me again with all the colors haha!).

I hope this list is helpful if you are shopping for travel-related products for you or a friend. The links above are affiliate links to Amazon (so I get a little something if you buy from it, thank you :) but do know that I'm only recommending the products I have AND use. I have many more that I don't recommend so those are definitely out!

AND HOW ABOUT YOU? What are your favorite travel items? Share with me in the comments below!


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