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About Us - Marilia Candeloro

Who am I?

My name is Marilia (I know, a little difficult to pronounce but it's like you were saying "Mary" + "Lia"). I'm originally from Brazil with Italian heritage.

My husband and I have traveled a lot since the day we met. We got married, we had kids, and we continued to travel. From Alaska to Patagonia to Australia, and many places in between. 

How did Happy Hour Travel came to be?

I have a strong background in business, sales, and marketing. In 2016 I was looking for something new and decided to follow my passion and help people see the beautiful world we live in, and I already had lots of experience in travel planning. I founded Happy Hour Travel, and the agency started to grow: clients were happy with the service, book their next vacation with me, and send incredible referrals that I am so thankful for.

At the end of 2022, I welcomed a new travel advisor, Gina Smith, who was formerly one of my clients that traveled a lot (lost a client and won a great partner). I'm beyond excited about this addition as she is very experienced and we can now help more people.

I always say that becoming a travel agent to me was like putting on a pair of new shoes that felt like old ones. It just fits. 

What does traveling mean to me?

I absolutely love what I do as I believe traveling is one of the best investments anyone can make. Travel helps us have fun, learn, and connect! And how important is that in a world that is just busy all the time?


One of my favorite quotes is from Roberto Balaño. He says "Every few hundred feet the world changes". And it really does. Travel to me means understanding not only more about the world, humanity, but also ourselves.


I am looking forward to helping you explore our big amazing world of ours.


Marilia Candeloro



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Cruising in MEXICO

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