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HAPPY HOUR TRAVEL helps you explore Europe like a pro! Packages with air, hotel, and activities can save you a lot of money and as an extra, you get all the inside tips to go off the beaten path for authentic experiences.

Either a romantic getaway, or a family trip (even with younger kids, all you have to do is bribe them with a gelato, it works!), a trip to Europe will reward you with knowledge, history, culture and a real sense that the world is incredibly beautiful and we are so lucky to be able to explore it!

There are basically 3 ways of traveling to Europe:



Join a group of like-minded travelers and all you have to worry about is what to pack! This is a very convenient and cost-effective way to travel. But not all escorted tours are created equal!

I only work with tours that have more inclusions and are packed with experiences. They go to off-the-beaten path and are more exclusive - they may have a private entrance to a usually crowded place, a cooking class with a local family, and/or a dinner under the stars.

They are curated by expert travel companies to bring authenticity and connection to your vacation.

Perfect for travelers who:


- Want easy, convenient, and in-depth cultural experiences.

- Want to interact with locals safely.

- Want a professional and fun guide throughout your whole trip to enhance learning.

- Want all the details to be taken care of.

- Don't want to worry about how you will go from one place to the other.

- Want to do lots of cultural activities.

- Like some free time to explore places on

your own.

There are lots of choices in this category, from companies who tailor for specific age groups, or travel styles, or budget sizes, there is one perfect for you!


Here we have the option of choosing a river cruise (through Europe's most famous rivers) or ocean cruises (in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, and Celtic Seas - and others!).

I can help you pick the best cruise line based on your personal style, the activities you are looking for and places you want to visit.

European cruises are a great and very convenient way to visit different places without all the packing and unpacking, and they have many inclusions that can make the trip very cost-effective. 

Perfect for travelers who:


- Want to visit different cities and regions in a faster and more convenient way, without losing transit time (cruising during at night while you sleep and exploring during the day.

- Don't want to be packing/unpacking.

- Want something very cost-effective.

- Like the idea of having many meals included.

- Enjoy a nightly entertainment on the cruise.

- Like the idea of being in a different city each day and having choices for shore excursions.

There are also lots of choices for cruises. Bigger or smaller ships, low cost with fewer inclusions to the most luxurious all-inclusive ones, different styles, and itineraries.

Learn more about Ocean Cruise

Learn more about River Cruises


This is the best options if you want to go on your own. I will help you create an exclusive itinerary for you. We will start with a list of things you want to see and do and I will go to the drawing board to create something that will connect all the dots in the most effective way.

Depending on where you want to go, this trip can involve trains, boat/ferry, car rental or even private drivers. It will really depend on what's on your list and your comfort level traveling independently and your budget. And we will add lots of cultural experiences along the way!

Perfect for travelers who:


- Want total flexibility.

- Don't mind the packing/unpacking.

- Is not anxious about traveling abroad.

- Like to have the freedom to decide what to do and where to go.

- Is comfortable using trains and/or driving cars abroad. 

- Like to do private tours or with different groups each time.

- Wants to visit very specific places and spend as much time there as you want.

We can tailor the trip to your needs, use specific hotel categories, transportation, tours and more.

Next step: send your information so I can help you find the best option for your vacation!

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I've traveled to Europe extensively. I love exploring all its culture! All the above photos are my own photos taken in our trips to these places. 


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