Hi! I'm Marilia and I'm a travel agent completely passioned about helping others travel the world. I really believe traveling is one of the best investments anyone can make. My husband and I have always prioritized trips since we were dating and now with two boys, the time connecting and experiencing new things became even more important. Travel helps us have fun, learn and connect!

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Who should consider an All-inclusive Resort?


Anyone who wants a vacation to relax! Now, relax doesn't mean doing anything. It just means that you can have peace of mind - so hard to achieve with our regularly busy schedules. All-inclusives are amazing if you just want a worry free vacation. You know what I'm talking about... "Where are we gonna eat?" "What are we gonna eat?" "Honey, I wanna go back to the hotel for a nap" "Mom, can you buy me this, this and that?" "Dad, can you spend your whole vacation playing with me all day?" - Ok, I'm starting to get stressed out just by writing this :-)


But seriously, all-inclusive resorts are great for:



Many many options! Most resorts cater for families with children of all ages. It ranges from more basic properties to more luxury ones. Lots of activities that will make even the most crabby one happy. Some offer great kids club (that means some adult time, yay!)... this is what I call a 2-in-one vacation: family and adult time in one trip... it can't get better than this. 



You can choose regular resorts if you don't mind kids around or get an adults-only experience. These also range from basic resorts to very upscale with incredible amenities, gourmet, and specialized food. You can also go as "relaxing" or as "partying" as you want! Maybe you are looking for some romantic time (rooms with roses and champagne, bathtub, and dinner at the beach), we can make it happen! And there is even one resort chain who offers some trips that are more, let's say, caliente. Interesting stuff! 



Many resorts offer parties and nightclubs. So you can choose to spend a day at the beach with a good book or mingle with the other guests. If you go to the right resort, you won't be the only one alone and you will feel good about investing the time and money in yourself. Most resorts though do charge an extra fee for single occupancy. If you are ok with that, great. If not, it can be a great opportunity to invite your best friend. Either way, it will be a trip to remember!


What is actually included?


Most resorts include all meals (most offer more than one restaurant), drinks (including alcoholic beverages), activities and entertainment (this vary a lot from hotel to hotel but most offer many options), gratuities. What's not usually included: spa services, motorized water sports, scuba diving. So if you don't use these type of services, expect a very low check-out bill. Which helps the whole idea of "relaxing" doesn't it?


Are they worth it?


Short answer: yes! Now, not all-inclusives are created equal. That's why I strongly recommend you to work with a travel agent that you trust (I'm here for you!!) because there are some properties that are not worth it at all. The pictures may look great at the website but those pictures won't tell you if the property has access to the beach (yes, that can happen), if the service is good, if the rooms are clean, if the food is tasty (and not a blend buffet where all tastes the same). Now, if you book with us - you can bet it will be worth it. And I'm not talking only about the high-end resorts. There are plenty of budget-friendly options.


Which resort should you choose?


It's important to see the cost x benefit of the properties. When helping you choose the perfect resort, we take into consideration not only your budget but also what do you like to do while vacationing. What you are looking for, how important the activities are, what type of vibe you prefer and so on. It's kind of a matchmaking process :-) and the best part: it's complimentary! This is one of the best things about working with a travel agent: it's not more expensive AND you don't have to spend tons of hours reading a million reviews, searching for a thousand photos while increasing your risk of ruining the trip. We don't like risks, we like a good and well-planned vacation!



What are the destinations that offer all-inclusive resorts?


Most Caribbean islands and Mexico. Florida actually has one resort (ClubMed Sandpiper - inquire about it, its a pretty cool property!).  Happy Hour Travel works with ALL hotel brands in all destinations!

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