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My name is Marilia (I know, a little difficult to pronounce but it's like you were saying "Mary" + "Lia"). I'm originally from Brazil, my heritage is Italian, so that's why you are probably not familiar with the name. I'm trying to start a trend here in the US, let's see if anyone will be motivated to use Marilia as a name :-) 


I graduated from college with a business administration degree and that's pretty much what I did for work my whole life. Until 2016 when I was looking to switch things up a bit.


My husband and I have been traveling a lot since we met. We got married, our two boys came, and we were still traveling. From Alaska to Patagonia and lots of places in between. Oh, and great places in Europe! (Asia, Africa, and Oceania still on the to-go list).


I have lots of experience in travel planning. I've organized trips for family and friends for years, and with my business background, I just connected the dots. It has been an amazing ride and I always say that becoming a travel agent was like putting a pair of new shoes that felt like an old one. It just fits perfectly.  

I absolutely love what I do as I believe traveling is one of the best investments anyone can make. Travel helps us have fun, learn and connect! And how important is that in a world that is just busy all the time?


One of my favorite quotes is from Roberto Balaño. He says "Every few hundred feet the world changes". I am looking forward to helping you explore the big an amazing world of ours.


Marilia Candeloro

Places I traveled to -


South America

- Many places in Brazil :)

- Patagonia, Argentina

- Patagonia, Chile

- Atacama Desert, Chile

- Uruguay


North America

- Riviera Maya, Mexico

- All over Florida (literally)

- California

- Colorado (summer and winter)

- Arizona

- Las Vegas

- Yellowstone

- New England region

- New York

- French region of Canada


- Portugal

- Italy

- Spain

- Holland (bike trip)

- Germany (bike trip)

- Austria (bike trip)

- Switzerland






ClubMed Cancun
ClubMed Cancun 2


Hello! My name is Marilia and I'm a travel advisor. I am very passionate about helping others experience the world. The connections we create with each other, with ourselves and with the people we meet along the way can't be put into words. I really believe traveling is one of the best investments anyone can make!

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