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is one of those places that just wow you from start to finish. It makes you feel small and it makes the world feel immense. Our trip to Alaska was not done with a cruise, we opted for a land excursion, arriving in Anchorage and exploring from there. I do have the Alaska cruise - to experience the inside passage - on my to-go list. Hopefully, that will happen soon! All my clients absolutely love the cruises they go on. All of the cruise lines do a good job in Alaska but I have a couple that is my favorite ones - based on their itinerary and inclusions. It will also depend on your budget, your travel style (low key or more luxurious) and if you are going with young kids, couples only, seniors and so on. No matter the way, Alaska will be in your top 10 places you ever visited, no questions asked! 

I can help you plan the perfect trip to Alaska:

* By land: with escorted guided trips filled with experiences and culture

* By sea: with one of the many cruise lines that operate in Alaska. There is one for every style and budget.

* Combination or land and sea. 


is something else!! There are so many options to explore the islands - from doing it on your own (where we book hotels, in-between islands flights, cars, and activities) to escorted tours or even an island-hopping cruise operated a few months a year. The flight there is long (and it feels like an international destination) so Hawaiian vacations are never the most cheaper ones. But honestly, they shouldn't be. It's too much natural beauty to be cheap. It's a nature playground, perfect for people who love to explore. I've booked all types of trips to Hawaii and I'm still to find a client who does not come in love with the islands and planning the next Hawaiian getaway.


Hawaiian trips:

* Independent travel: we create a package with long-haul flights, in between island flights, accommodation, car rental, and tours.

* Escorted tours: "all-inclusive" package with transportation, accommodation, tours and in-land transportation with a small group. Lots of cultural experiences added.

* Island hopping cruise: available during certain months of the year with a few cruise lines. 


shows us how beautiful and diverse our country is. The vast majority of people want to explore them with a car or RV rental. Which is, of course, a great way to do it that brings a big sense of connection (unless your family has some similarities to the Griswold family from the National Lampoon's Vacation film).

But some people like to go beyond the "getting there and taking a picture". They want to really experience the park, to explore the areas where the crowd doesn't go to. Maybe do a long hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and spend a night camping by the Colorado River. Or bike the Grand Tetons, finding a new wow moment after every curve. Or having a biologist by their side to ask questions, to learn about the soil, the animals, the rocks, the formations. The National parks are screaming history, nature, and life in all forms. And to really learn all about them is an unforgettable experience.

National Parks trip with escorted guided tours that can be more cultural and serene or more active with multi-sport adventure.

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All the above photos are my own photos taken in our trips to these places