Expedia/Hotels.com/Booking.com? Or a travel agent? What's easier and which one will save you more money?

This is a common doubt among all travelers... and the answer might surprise you: yes, a travel agent is better and will save you money along the way. Not convinced by my short answer? Read on, as I give you 5 reasons why booking a trip on your own might not be the best option.

1. You might be paying more. 

True story: a clie...

What to see and do, where to stay and the best spots in Dubrovnik, Split, some of the Dalmatian islands, Zadar and Plitvice National Park.

After months and months of researching and planning, our Croatia trip finally arrived. We left Charlotte on June 19 to London. I've never been in London before so I decided to stay a couple of days there just to get a feeling of the city. I loved the first impression!! Clean, nice, beautiful...

How does a few days in Paradise, where you don't have to worry about anything, sound right now?

Yah, pretty good, I know! Everyone is working so hard either at a corporate job, at their own small business, or at home taking care of the house and the kids. No matter what you do, you know you are always busy. And sometimes stressed. And you could very much use a relaxing vacation with good food, drinks, music in one of the most b...

Is it me or this summer vacation is WAY too long? haha I say that every year. The truth is, I love to spend time with my kids! But I also need to work (I can't complaint because I work from home and having flexible hours are a lifesaver - but I still need to work). We are literally running out of ideas on things to do - that take some time, don't break the bank and are fun.

So I had this "crazy" idea of going in search of the b...

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Hello! My name is Marilia and I'm a travel advisor. I am very passionate about helping others experience the world. The connections we create with each other, with ourselves and with the people we meet along the way can't be put into words. I really believe traveling is one of the best investments anyone can make!

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